This Charming Stranger

You could not see, you were sightless as can be
You could not sleep, you were in too deep
I could not breathe, for I drowned beneath
In your well of tears, trying to hug your fears

Can you remember, remember a name
That once flowed through your life, helped you feel you’re alive
The seven skies it has flown, whispering in your ears "you’re not alone"
Defeat your cold spirits of ice, break them loose till high again they rise

I had not seen your face, yet by your side was the only place
That I could be, to see you through your misery
For you the heart and all my senses knelt in pray
To stop you living life in the shadows of a bitter day

And just in time, as your soul regained its shine
Into the light you disappeared, away from the abyss you deeply feared
Leaving behind not a word nor a trace, leaving me cold with an empty embrace
I knew it was time for me to move on, for the essence of my words is now long gone

Today you laugh at the spirits of fear, it was long ago, they’re no longer near
Like me, they are behind, but you shall see, the voice of ages in your mind
Will call upon this charming stranger, once sheltering you from their poisonous danger
And like an echo from a point in time, my forgotten name will distantly chime

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