The bird slave

[color=darkred:eda131c3f5]My wings lie calmly on the floor
Your force made them useless
and before
my mind goes wild with captured passion
You bind my body with demanding agression

The cage's lines caress my eyes
i ask for patience and deny my lies
to free me into deep devotion
You made me drown inside Your ocean
full of guilt and pleasurable pain
with rules and wishes to regain
my state of soul

Restrict me more and more each day
keep me dead short in every way
to drag me down into Your deepest dwell
and i obey, i scream and i shall
never ask for more
Let me kneel down, a perfect whore
Make me, just who You want me to be
and of wrong passions, please
let me be free.[/color:eda131c3f5]
[b:2b5e63d99f]~ i'm addicted to 7-Methyltheobromin ~[/b:2b5e63d99f]

~ Denn so wie der Schmerz dich krönt, kreuzigt er dich.
So wie er dich wachsen lässt, beschneidet er dich. ~

~ Die Illusion ist alles. ~

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