Photomanipulations: Serena's feet tortured

Here are some photomanipulation i made showing my wife Serena tortured on her feet. Comments are welcome!

Serena's sole tortured with needles:
[img:f2e17a9833] ... letort.jpg[/img:f2e17a9833]

Serena in: "Bride feet torture"
[img:f2e17a9833] ... ort001.jpg[/img:f2e17a9833]

Serena's soles tortured with needles and cigarettes:
[img:f2e17a9833] ... /feet7.jpg[/img:f2e17a9833]

Serena's feet in pantyhose on a grill:
[img:f2e17a9833] ... feet15.jpg[/img:f2e17a9833]
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