How would you punish Marions soles?

hit em hard with a wooden stick
Total votes: 10 (23%)
whip em hard with a cable
Total votes: 9 (20%)
poke them with a fork
Total votes: 1 (2%)
stick needles into her soles
Total votes: 9 (20%)
with a knife
Total votes: 3 (7%)
rub urtica all over her soles (No votes)
let ants bite her soles (No votes)
heat them up with a hair dryer
Total votes: 6 (14%)
Total votes: 4 (9%)
put socks full with thistles on her feet and spank them into her soles
Total votes: 2 (5%)
Total votes: 44

Re: Marion need some punishment for her soles

Hmmm... soft and silky!

I think food discipline is as much about control as it is about cherishing the slave's feet. To me seeing blood always goes too far - no knives here! And thistles in socks? It is not about seeing and enjoying?
A firm whipping with stick, cane or cable will do and afterwards a nice roasting over a fire or with a hair drier.

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