How much would you pay if we produced a real bastinado movie in DVD format?

50 $
Total votes: 39 (22%)
40 $
Total votes: 8 (5%)
30 $
Total votes: 37 (21%)
20 $
Total votes: 38 (22%)
10 $
Total votes: 52 (30%)
Total votes: 174

Re: Real Bastinado Movie

rodin77 wrote:I'd pay a very good price for a real falaka punishment film, something close to the "Midnight Express" punishment scenes.
We made a few private productions because of 2 reasons:
- piracy of our content kills our future
- and we want to produce quality content.
We are able to produce a movie near to Midnight Express including real falaka. But this would be really expensive because we need a whole professional team for the production and we need time for the whole project.
If you are really able to finance a real professional made movie which has the same quality as a cinema movie, we can realize it. We have the team, we have the connections, we have the actors. We just need a sponsor or producer.
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Re: Real Bastinado Movie

blake987 wrote:Hello,

Are thinking to sale them instead of clip4sale. Cos it is blocked in Turkey , thus I believe that there should be another site or payment method to buy them.
Normally you're right but we have some problems. We need shop payment solutions for adult videos. Our videos are extreme for some adult payment companies. Clips4Sale is a little bit expensive but it is easy to use and we don't need shop software.
The other problem is we have not so much customers from Turkey to find a special solution for it.

But we will add other solutions in future. Meanwhile you can use proxy solutions to use clips4sale.
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Re: Real Bastinado Movie

What happened to the idea ? It seems that the project dead before its birth . Can we start together from the first by design the idea of that movie and then we go to next step which is financial and we try to find some solution for the problem

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