falaka.net payment error

Hi Parox

I sent an e-mail about this problem before. i was trying to pay for premium mambership for falaka.net, but both options (credit card and bank transfer) are giving this error : "Payment currently not available". Please find the attachment of the error. Is there any other way to pay for premium membership? thanks.

Re: falaka.net payment error

Hello Parox, I'm in a difficult situation here. I'm very willing to buy your "Bastinado Discipline" video via C4S. But due to the restirctions in Turkey, my only option to access the site is via VPN. But the site give "fraud" errors to my all credit cards. I contacted them and they told me not to acess via Vpn, but its my only option. So is there any other way that i can pay the price for the video? any other option then the C4S is highly appriciated.

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