Why is the Forum so inactive and what could we do to change that

It baffles me that this is so empty and inactive lately. I mean, i know bastinado and feet torture is a rather peculiar kink, but i know there's still more than enough people out there to make an active Forum. I really, really, really like bastinado and would like to see more activity over here. What could we do to incentivize more use of the Forum and introduce more bastinado lovers into the Forum?

Re: Why is the Forum so inactive and what could we do to change that

People are moving into FB, VK and Telegram groups. Many of these groups appear and disappear rather quickly, either because they are mostly about illegally sharing full videos, or simply because FB and the other platforms are not very tolerant of adult oriented groups, so they get down after being reported. Few of them remain hiding and survive for a longer time, but that also make it difficult to find them. The problem with hidden groups in social media, is that they are the most watched pages by law enforcement agencies because that is where really nefarious stuff might be going on, so it is better to stay away from such groups.

Sadly, this has make the community to fragment all over the net.

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