VIP Silver Update 2009 12


Dear members,

we present a big December update of the Silver V.I.P. with a new year surprise. Our surprise is the movie "Queen Silhouette". You can watch the whole movie. But it is just online until 1st of January 2010. It will be offline after it.

This month we offer these content:

[align=center]Gallery - Needle Torture

Gallery - Sallenaz in Istanbul Album 2

Video - Michelle's Punished Feet part 2

Movie - Queen Silhouette

Silver V.I.P. is available for a small fee for content amounting to 25 $ (USD) minimum every month. We use 50% of it for our forum and 50% for our falaka website. We just use this income to reinvest in our work.

Silver V.I.P. costs only 75 $ for 1 year (just 6.25 $ a month)
Silver V.I.P. costs only 48 $ for 6 months (just 8 $ a month)

Please send me a PM or send me an email to and I'll send you the details how you can pay. It is possible to pay via paypal or wire transfer ("Überweisung" in Germany).

Best Regards


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