What`s your fetish ?

Total votes: 119 (88%)
Ass (No votes)
Total votes: 2 (1%)
Total votes: 6 (4%)
Total votes: 8 (6%)
another fetish
Total votes: 1 (1%)
Total votes: 136

no, i think it is so natural that we all don't even think about it, should we?
[b:2b5e63d99f]~ i'm addicted to 7-Methyltheobromin ~[/b:2b5e63d99f]

~ Denn so wie der Schmerz dich krönt, kreuzigt er dich.
So wie er dich wachsen lässt, beschneidet er dich. ~

~ Die Illusion ist alles. ~

i think there is a missunderstanding here...
cause i think you should do .. good slave must know and do her best to do what she have to do to satisfay her master......
To be a master... it is like have the heven and hill inside
to be a master .. to be a man .. women .. may be slave
see.. it is clear if you feel .. it is the heven and hill inside

In sum:

[quote:99d078535d]I love female foot sole. Pure, in bondage or torture.[/quote:99d078535d]

Eraser cut a long story short!

I prefered latex in the poll because it really makes my skin more sensitive for every kind of touch..If I had a second chance to prefer ''female foot fetish'' is my favourite coming along with humiliation..

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