A relatively long story from a 'Toe Tied' Tickle Series I've written. This one features tickling with a Whartenburg Wheel, with some interesting preparation steps to make this lovely gal's feet EXTRA ticklish. It also is unusual (for me). It features a TV character. Ms Ziva David from the American TV series NCIS. I understand that some guys (and maybe ladies?) out there have been looking for a story where the lovely Agent David gets tickle tortured. Here it is. Pardon some of the additional embellishment of foot punishment I worked in.... I love mixing in a bit of that. (Look at some of my stories in the BSDM series and let me know if you have similar interests.)

Orientation: MM/F

Consensual: No

Predicament: Tickle torture – 10% upper body 90% feet Scrub brush, Whartenburg Wheel

Foot torture - hair dryer, tacks

Bondage: Yes. Arms secured over head, ankles in stocks

Nudity: Partial, Topless



About 2:00 pm we are informed that there is an agent exchange taking place later in the day and that one of the agents involved, NCIS Agent Ziva David is being transported to our facility for holding until the exchange. While Agent David is our 'guest', our instructions are to treat her to some of the 'interrogation' tactics we specialize in at our facility. Evidently Agent David has gotten onto someone in the bureau's 'bad side' and now she is going to pay for it. That is fine with my assistant and I. We reviewed Ms David's profile... a fine looking young women. Just the type female subject we enjoy 'processing' in our lab facility.

When Ziva arrives, I have the guards take her to one of our lab rooms. She is still dressed in the outfit she was wearing when she was picked up near her home... a pair of skimpy running shorts, a halter top and flip flop sandals. I notice that Ziva's already dark skin is even more bronze from being outside a lot this summer. Nice!!

The guards follow my directions and secure Ms David on a heavy table in the middle of the lab.... arms stretched towards the ceiling by wrist cuffs, ankles locked in stocks at the edge of the table. I also have them remove Ziva's halter top, leaving her lovely, firm breasts deliciously exposed!

'I'm not telling you ANYTHING!' Ziva states defiantly.

I smile.... 'That's fine, we really aren't interested in any of that today... No, today is all about keeping you entertained until you are delivered to an agent swap'.

Ziva looks a bit confused... If we weren't planning on interrogating her, what were we up to?

I step about behind Ziva and begin running my index finger down her back... admiring its muscular development and tanned skin. 'Are you ticklish?'

Ziva turns her head to look at me... 'What?'.

'We get women through here every now and then. We have modern methods to obtain information from them, you know drugs and such, but I'm always intrigued if we could have gotten that same information just by tickling them. '.

I begin running my fingers along Ziva's ribs. She protests... 'No! Stop that!!', but the more I continue, the more effect it seems to have on her. Ziva tries hard to maintain control, but when my fingers probe further around on her chest, near her bare breasts, the girl begins to giggle with laughter.

Once I have Ziva going, I step up her torment, applying one hand on her firm mid-section... Her 'six pack' abs!

I step back to allow my assistant a chance at Ziva. He pokes at one side of her ribs, then the other, causing Ziva to squeal and 'shimmy' back and forth. Watching this lovely gal wiggling this way brings on an erection!! Geeeez! I love my job sometimes!

We both resume tickling her! Now Ziva has four sets of tickling fingers on her completely-vulnerable upper body!! ' Oooh!! Aaah!! Hoo!! Haaa Haaa! Noooo! ' I take advantage of her stretched position and tweak her perky breasts every now and then, eliciting a delightful squeal each time I do! We continue the attack until Ziva is coughing and choking she's laughing so hard! We cease our attack to give Ziva a break.

Ziva is struggling to catch her breath as I squeeze her thigh and then just 'the spot' above her knees. She winces, trying to hold back laughter. I run my hand slowly up Ziva's smooth, tanned, thigh, gently tugging at the hem of her running shorts when I reach them. 'Maybe we should have taken these shorts too'. I laugh, looking at my assistant. I can pretty much guess that Ziva is wearing NOTHING under those shorts... I get the start of another raging hard on just thinking about her tight little pussy under those shorts!! But that is not on the plan!

I walk down to the end of the table where Ziva's feet are extending precariously over the edge. I tap on the stocks, admiring her shapely ankles and feet. Ooops! another erection! I begin to pull off one of Ziva's flip flops. She clenches her toes trying to stop me, but is unsuccessful. Seeing that resistance is a losing battle, Ziva tries another approach, ‘No, No, don't do that... My feet are gross. I've been running around barefoot all morning!'.

I had noticed the dark grime on our cute guest's soles and already planned just the thing for it. ' I turn to my assistant... 'Yes indeed. Her soles are quite dirty. We probably should clean them for her...'.

My assistant returns with a large bucket of warm soapy water. In the bucket are two brushes. He positions a couple towels on the floor beneath Ziva's feet and places the bucket nearby. He pulls out one of the brushes and begins scrubbing the sole of Ziva's left foot with it.... Ziva begins laughing and protesting... 'No Noh!! Stopp!! Hoooh! Aaaah!! THAT TICKLES!!'. To Ziva's obvious dismay, the brush he's using has stiff, metal bristles. The sensation of those bristles on the soles of her feet is maddening!! I pick out the other brush and soon BOTH of Ziva's trapped feet are getting raked by the stiff bristles!! 'Haa! Hooo! Noo! Pleeeeze! Noooh! Aaaaah!!. As my assistant continues to scrub her high arches, I trade my brush for a smaller one with rows of short bristles. I hold Ziva's foot and begin running the bristles between her toes... Ziva explodes in laughter!! I smile and tell Ziva, 'We've got to clean between those toes too!'. Poor Ziva is shaking her head.... overcome with crazy laughter.

We continue scrubbing Ziva's trapped feet. I can see that Ziva's soles are already squeaky clean, but we continue our scrubbing anyway. We know that the harder and longer we scrub, the more it tickles Ziva, but just as important, it will leave her soles even MORE sensitive for the procedures we have planned a bit later. Ziva's soles are turning pink from all the stimulation!... I loan my 'toe brush' to my assistant so he can apply it to the foot he's working on! I finally advise my assistant that Ziva is 'ready'.

We step back to let Ziva catch her breath. I remove the bucket and towels.

As Ziva recovers, my assistant pulls a hair dryer out of a nearby bin and begins to dry off her feet. Ziva doesn't seem too alarmed by this.... at first! Until he begins to hold the stream of hot air a bit too close... and a bit too long.. on the ball of one foot! 'Owwwwh! That's good.. Aaaaah!!'. Ziva quickly realizes that his intent is not so innocent!! Ziva tries to move her foot to escape the heat but she can't move it far or fast enough that my assistant can't just follow her... 'Owwwh!! Aaaah!! It's TOO HOT!! Stoppp!! Noohh!! Owwwwh!!'. He moves over to her other foot and holds the stream to her heel... 'Owwwh!! Ahhh!! The only thing Ziva has going for her is that as he heats one foot, the other gets a break from the heat. I see an opportunity!

I step over to the end of the table and pull out a second hairdryer. As I plug it in and flip its switch, Ziva shakes her head.. 'Nooh! Nooh! PLEEEEZE!!! Nohhh!! '. She knows EXACTLY what's in store!! BOTH of her feet are going to get roasted now!! As soon as my dryer is putting out a good hot stream, I take over the foot my assistant was neglecting.... 'Ooooh! Aaah!! Haaa!! Nohhh!! Ssssssh!!'. Ziva begins waving her tootsies frantically, but that doesn't help!! We keep the heat to her soles for about a minute... listening to Ziva's chorus of 'Ooooches' and 'Ouches'. I notice that her soles are beginning to get a little red so I turn to my assistant.. 'We should put some grease on these!'.

We both put down our dryers. I'm sure Ziva assumes her 'hot foot' is over. She looks relieved and isn't paying much attention when my assistant picks up a jar and scoops out a large glob of clear gel with his fingers. When he begins to spread the gel on the soles of her feet, Ziva probably thinks he's applying some sort of medication. Her eyes get big when she sees him wipe his hands with a towel, then pick up his dryer to continue using it on her feet!! 'Oh No!! No! No!! My Feet!! '. Ziva's pleas are drowned out by the whirl of the two dryers....(I join in as well!) Soon she is 'singing' another tune.. 'Owwwh!! Aaaah!! Its Too Hot!! Aaaah!! Oooooh!!... '.

What Ziva doesn't know is that the gel my assistant applied to her feet isn't medication. It's heat proof, silicon grease - also known as plumber's grease. In the lab we've discovered that this stuff has interesting properties.... A good coating like he just applied will really delay blistering AND it makes the heat being applied feel significantly MORE intense!! The LAST thing Ziva needs!!! We intend to take advantage of this opportunity and want to keep the heat to Ziva’s soles a while longer.... Once we have EVERY nerve ending on high alert, they'll be ready for the next phase of tickling we have planned!

Poor Ziva is REALLY feeling the heat now!! She pants out 'Ooooches' and inhales between her teeth as she tries unsuccessfully to dodge the scalding airstreams!!

What Ziva is experiencing is a modern version of a method of torture used during the middle ages... Foot Roasting!! Many a young maiden, for even a minor offense, ended up in the dungeon or out in the town square with a brazier of burning coals at her stocked feet!! Our 'high tech' version eliminates the injury and opens up new possibilities for the technique! My assistant applies his dryer with short strokes while I prefer to hold mine on Ziva's sensitive spots!! Her high arch, her toes!! Spots which drive Ziva CRAZY!

We continue heating up Ziva's soles for a while longer, until I signal that she's had enough. Time to get on with the procedure. My assistant wipes the excess grease from Ziva's soles, then gets a set of strings and begins placing the looped ends around Ziva's toes. She tries to dodge him so I tweak Ziva's muscular ribs again and she gasps with laughter!! 'Hold those pretty toes still!' Ziva complies and my assistant continues placing the loops. Soon all ten of Ziva's toes is attached to the bar. He pulls back a handle and Ziva's toes are pulled backward.... leaving them completely immobile and her soles stretched taut. I look at the helpless soles of Ziva's feet... Soft. A bit red from our dryers. Nice!! They are begging to be tickled!!

I pull a Whartenburg wheel out of my lab coat pocket and hold it up so Ziva can see it. I can tell from her expression that Ziva knows what it is. She tries to hide it, but she's DEFINATELY concerned by the row of short, prickly needles spaced around the wheel's edge. Ziva closes her eyes, trying to remain brave as I position myself in front of her trapped feet. I touch the wheel to Ziva's left heel and run it slowly up towards the ball. Ziva explodes!! Hoo! Hoo!! Aaah!! Noh!! Noh!! I figured those points would get a reaction out of her! And they DEFINATELY do!! Her poor tootsies are trapped!!

'Oooooh. That one's ticklish!! ', I laugh. Then I apply the wheel to her right foot. 'Ha! Haa! No!! Ooooh!! ' I turn to my assistant... 'Yep, that one is too!!.

It's cruel, but toying with her this way is so much fun. I had no doubt Ziva's feet would be insanely ticklish at this point. After the scrubbing and the roasting, she's about as ticklish as a gal can get!! Stretched taut, we are going to have some fun with those soft, silky soles! My assistant picks up another Whartenburg wheel and moves down towards Ziva's feet. ' I guess you know what we're going to do now', I warn her.

Ziva pleads... 'No No Pleeeze No!'. She knows.

We both begin running our wheels on one of her trapped feet.... 'Whoooo Nooooh Haah!! Ohhh! Hoooo! ' The red soles of Ziva's feet become our canvas. We run the wheels up, down, at an angle, across her arches... every pass driving her crazy! With her toes tied, there is no way Ziva can escape. She howls with laughter!!

The toe loops spread Ziva's toes apart enough that I can continue my wheel up between her pretty little digits.... I run my wheel back and forth in short strokes on the web between Ziva's toes. The effect is devastating!! Ziva shrieks with laughter and babbling.. 'Noh-ho! Hooo! Aaaah!! Eeeeeh!! '.

I'm surprised Ziva doesn't pass out she is carrying on so much!! I glance over at my assistant. He is working his wheel back and forth. The short strokes and sudden changes in pattern are sending Ziva ballistic!! I continue with the runs up between her toes to balance out the sensations. I'm sure Ziva would have chosen lit cigarettes to her soles rather than our wheels!! Had this been an interrogation to get information out of her, Ziva would have told us EVERYTHING!!

After a few minutes more double teaming on Ziva's trapped feet, I decide to add a little 'spice' to Ziva's experience and begin tweaking her ribs and underarms with my free hand... Every tweak is just a minor distraction from the torment of the wheel's pickly points!

Finally, I figure our guest has had enough. I signal my assistant and advise Ziva... 'OK.. had enough of that?'. Ziva shakes her head indicating.. 'Yes!'. She is one worn out gal!

My assistant lowers her arms and Ziva stretches. He undoes the stocks. Ziva lifts her ankles out and sits up on the edge of the bench. I give her a bottle of water and explain to her that in a few minutes, guards will come to take her away.

As Ziva recovers, I concur with my assistant and we decide it might be worth setting a little 'trap' for this young women! As defiant as she is, Ziva might try to make her escape given the opportunity. We have just the answer to that! He heads into the adjacent storage room and begins to spread a tub of thumb tacks on the floor just inside the room. My part in this trap is to appear NOT to be watching our guest very closely.

Sure enough, within a couple minutes our brave agent sees her ‘opportunity’ to escape and seizes it!

Even though she's topless and barefoot, Ziva hops off the table and takes off for the partially open store room door. I've been watching and follow right behind her. I close the door and lock it. I can hear Ziva's 'Ooooches' and 'Ouches' on the other side of the door... She's discovered the tacks!!

I hurry down a short hallway to another door on the other end of the storeroom. My assistant is already there watching Ziva. She's still on the other side of the storage room near the door she entered through... hopping around from one foot to the other, reaching down to brush tacks out of her feet between hops! It’s like something out of the cartoons! 'Oooh! Aaah! Owwwh!! Owwwh!! AAAH!'! My assistant spread a LOT of tacks on the floor so anywhere Ziva steps!! Yeeeowwh! She's bound to get a foot full!! These aren't the push pin type tacks either. These are good old-fashioned bulletin board thumb tacks with round metal heads and sharp little points. The tacks laying on their sides are cruel enough on Ziva, but it’s the ones laying 'point up' which REALLY get her attention!! OWWWWH!!! OUCH!!

Ziva is quite the sight. Lovely boobs bouncing as she dances around! 'Oooooh HooHo! OWWWH! AAAAH! OWWWH!!'

I step forward to get Ziva's attention and wave my hand... 'You've got to come forward. Out here!'. Motioning to the area clear of tacks further out in the room. Ziva gets control of herself and begins to step towards me.. 'Ooooh! OHHH!! AAAH! Ohhh! Owwwh!! '. Stepping across the tacks is pure agony for Ziva, but she has no choice. Once Ziva finally reaches the clear area, she brushes the last tacks out of her soles and parks her ass down on the floor and grabs her feet!! Aaaah!! Aaaah!!

I can see Ziva's soles... There are a few bleeding spots, but mainly just dozens and dozens of little marks where the sharp points dug into her.. deep enough to REALLY smart!! I'm sure that after her dance on the tacks, Ziva won't be running anywhere. My assistant hands Ziva a rag and a bottle of alcohol to treat the punctures. Ziva grimaces and groans out little 'uuuummmmhs! under her breath as she dabs the stinging liquid on her soles. When Ziva is finally ready, we instruct her to stand up and a guard who has joined us secures her hands behind her back. I look at Ziva's tanned bare feet on the concrete floor. 'Do you want your flip flops back?' I ask. Ziva glances back at the tacks which tortured her feet… ‘I guess' she replies quietly. The guard leads Ziva back to the lab room... this time using the hallway. Her little 'escape' didn't go so well!! Ziva walks gingerly. Her poor tootsies have been through hell the last hour or so... She isn't so defiant now.

I watch her feet. I REALLY enjoyed using the Whartenburg Wheel on them! I'm certainly glad we got the chance to 'process' this young lady!

When we reach the lab, I give Ziva another drink of water and slip her halter top back on. (I hate to have to cover her perky breasts!). I drop Ziva's flip flops on the floor and watch her step into them. I comment to my assistant... 'She won't be wearing high heels for a few days, will she?'. We both laugh. I'm sure Ziva doesn't find this comment one bit amusing... Her poor feet are killing her.

Another guard joins and the two guards escort Ziva back out to the hall and to a waiting car to take her to the exchange.

I'm glad we have ALL of Ziva's visit with us recorded on video... it will be nice to be able to watch it again on one of our 'boring' days.


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